About Us

HEMP NRG is our statement to the world that we are committed to our work, to our clients, and to this industry.

When we entered the industrial hemp products space as the first licensed processor in the State of New Jersey, we woke up every morning with a smile on our faces. We knew, each day, that we would be helping people and making a living doing it. That is a great way to live and work. But the industry got harder along the way due to many regulatory and competitive factors. Many companies lost their way, but we stayed our course.  

Since 2015, we have strived to stay ahead of the competition. We have seen the artificial commoditization drive down prices on hemp biomass and extracts. Yet, the price of retail products has not kept pace with the price of the commodities. Why? The simple answer is that there are too many hands in the cookie jar.  

In the journey from a field of hemp to a finished consumer product, there are many layers. This starts with the farmer, moves to the processor, and then the formulator, the bottler, the broker, the distributor, the wholesaler, and finally to the retailer. That is a lot of mouths to feed, and the result is that the consumer is paying too much for the products they need. We have eliminated the extra hands and mouths.  


We are the source for high-quality, low-cost hemp derived products.

HEMP NRG has full control and ownership of our supply chain. Our no-frills, straight-forward approach rewards the consumer with consistent, efficacious products at the most competitive prices in the market.