What Is Hemp- A Beginners Guide

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What is Hemp?

Will Hemp make me High? What are the benefitsof Hemp Oil? Is it Hemp

legal? How do I use Hemp? What is the cvBotanicals difference?

So what is Hemp? You probably have heard of the many health benefits associated with Hemp, use this guide to learn more and answer your questions to further educate yourself. At cvBotanicals have over 20 years experience working with Hemp and creating Health and Wellness products so you can trust that we will do our best to inform you.

Use Hemp Extract to Promote a Healthy Active Lifestyle

First Things First
What is Hemp?

Hemp, or Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound called a cannabinoid that naturally occurs in the hemp plant. Scientists have isolated 108 different types of cannabinoids, Hemp is one of the more powerful cannabinoids, known to support the body and mind in various ways.* Hemp extracted from the hemp plant can be used in various formulations for you to enjoy the many benefits of Hemp.

Hemp is Non-Psychotropic- It will NOT make you HIGH


What is Hemp? How Does it Compare to Cannabis?

Hemp and Cannabis are best described as cousins, they originate from the same plant family, Cannabis naturally produces high amounts of THC- the Cannabinoid that will make you high. The amount of THC found in the Hemp plant is less than 0.3% resulting in no high associated with the user. Hemp naturally produces more Hemp than Cannabis- so the combination of almost no THC and higher concentrations Hemp make Hemp the preferred plant to cultivate for Hemp production.


Why are Whole Plant Hemp Supplements Better Than Just Hemp?

As more and more people are turning to hemp-based cannabinoids for health and wellness benefits, more scientific research is being conducted. The discovery from the research is showing that combining Hemp with the other cannabinoids is having a positive effect in supporting the body.

• Increased bioavailability or onset time
• Increasing effectiveness and absorption
• Increasing health and wellness benefits

Lab Tested – Whole Plant Extract – Terpenes

What Are The Benefits Of Using HEMP?
A Statement for the FDA

Before we can answer this question we have to provide you a disclaimer or a statement so that we can be compliant with the FDA.

To be in good standing with the Food and Drug Administration we can not speak of our products in relation to any disease. As a dietary supplement we follow all the rules that govern
any and all disease claims for supplements

There is a lot of research and blog articles from reputable sources online that will outline in better detail where the science is currently and where it is going. We are in the early days of
understanding the true benefits that HEMP and all of the other 107 cannabinoids present in the Hemp plant.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hemp?
What We Can Say

Among the many benefits experienced by our customers some of the primary ones:

• Provide a sense of calm and concentration
• Relief from daily stress
• Assist in recovering from exercise-induced inflammation
• Support for maintaining healthy sleep patterns*

Feel free to explore the many articles and blogs from reputable sources online that name more specific ailments and health issues associated with Hemp.

Is Hemp Legal?

Since the passing of the farm bill in December 2018 Hemp was removed as a Schedule 1 drug from the DEA ( Drug Enforcement Agency) all Hemp grown in america is now legal on the federal level- Individual states are in the process of setting up local state agriculture laws to govern the compliance of having less than 0.3% THC.

Be Warned- Not All Hemp Companies Comply

Not all products are created equally- you have to be sure that the amount of THC is less than 0.3% Many of the new startup companies trying to catch the Hemp rush are unaware that often during the extraction process these THC level limits can be breached making the products illegal.

All HEMPNRG Products are BELOW the 0.3% THC Limit

• We have third-party lab testing on all products
• We use a special process in some cases to actually remove the THC making it is zero
• We are Department of Agriculture certified


How Do I Use Hemp?

Hemp can be taken orally; to provide calm, relief, and provide focus,
Use topically to aid in a variety of skin conditions and/ or provide relief from sore muscles.

Use daily as part of your morning/evening routine to enhance your healthy active lifestyle. Aid in pain management to keep you moving, get a good night’s sleep, provide a sense of calm for focus, or to look and feel great.

The Different Oral Methods:

• Tinctures/Dropper Bottles- Drop under your tongue for best results or add to your favorite beverage
• Edibles such as a Chocolate – Excellent absorption, tasty way to enjoy
• Capsules – Perfect dose every time
• Water Soluble Tablets- add to your favorite beverage high rate of absorption

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New to Hemp? We Suggest Our Base Formulation

We suggest starting with our Base formulation line of products, so that you can get an overall feeling of how our Full Spectrum Hemp extract works for you.

Full Spectrum – Lab Tested



Are just as they sound- they are applied topically and come in a cream, lotion, or oil base. We at cvBotanicals have put a lot of research into formulating the right plant botanicals to work in conjunction with HEMP to provide outstanding results. For example our SALVE can be applied to provide relief from sore muscles and joints, or to ease discomfort from inflammation based skin conditions.

What Dose of HEMP Should I Take?

What Dose of HEMP Should I Take?
This is VERY important to your success with HEMP – Everyone is different.

We recommend starting small and increasing everyone is different, and has different needs

• 5 to 20mg Once or twice a day increase as necessary
• We recommend trying it for minimum Five Days to give your body a chance to adapt

Whatever delivery method you prefer Tinctures, Chocolates, Capsules or water soluble we will provide you with accurate instructions to ensure that a proper dose is to be taken. To ensure the results you are looking for are met.

How Will HEMP make me Feel? Let’s Explore How it Works First

HEMP works by interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system, a regulatory system made up
of naturally occurring cannabis-like molecules. These endocannabinoids, as they’re called, work
like neurotransmitters, shuttling messages through the body to help maintain homeostasis; which
plays a crucial role in regulating our physiology, mood, and everyday experience. Scientists are in
the process of mapping out the various receptors in the brain and neural pathways in how these
cannabinoids interact with these systems.

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Now that I know how it works-
How does it make me feel?

As CBD is non-psychotropic you will not feel the effects of being HIGH. Here are some general feelings our customers have reported by using our products either orally or topically:

• Better Sleep
• Less Stressed Out
• Muscles were less sore
• Reduced Muscle Cramping
• Able to Focus and Concentrate
• Skin Conditions went away without the use of steroids or hard on your liver medications
• Appearance of skin looks and feels fresh and rejuvenated after use of creams and lotions
• Joint Discomfort is reduced




Recovery From Exercise

Stress Management

Sense of Calm

Anti- Inflammatory


Our Base Formula +

Cognitive Function

Mental Alertness

Concussion Management


Our Base Formula +

Reduce Aches + Discomfort

Reduce Inflammation

Reduce Nervousness


Anti- Inflammatory Issues

Acne Control

Age Rejuvenation

Eczema Control

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How Does HEMP Interact With Medications I Am Currently Taking?

We want you to talk to your Doctor about this. Remember HEMP is a supplement and should
always be treated as such.

What Makes cvBotanicals HEMP Hemp Extract Products Better?

We use full spectrum hemp extract in our formulations to provide the many health benefits associated with HEMP. We can not make the claim that HEMP cures everything, we can assure you that if taken properly it will support anxiety, stress management, recovery from exercise, pain management, and anti inflammatory issues.

Other more popular Cannabinoids found in our extract:

• Cannabichromene (CBC):
• Cannabidivarin (HEMPV):
• Cannabigerol (CBG):
• Cannabinol (CBN):

Each of these plant compounds are known through research to have unique properties, for example CBN is known as a natural support for sleep. Feel free to research these and the many independent claims associated with these more popular cannabinoids.

Our process of 100% cannabinoid recovery during the extraction process is very important to us because we are learning everyday more and more about the benefits for our health and wellness that comes from these unique cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and nutrients. Why not keep as many as we can- it’s natural.

HEMP Oil Formulated for You

HEMP Oil Formulated for You


We take our HEMP Hemp Extract a step further, using natural Terpenes known to produce the effects of Focus, Relief, Chill, and Energy and add them to our formulas. Terpenes are another compound found naturally in the hemp plant. Terpenes have been studied for years and are sought after for the attributes of the feelings mentioned above plus taste and smell of the extract. Plant genetics plays a crucial role in how many and what types we can extract from the plant. Terpenes are non psychoactive.


What Does Full Spectrum HEMP Mean?

Simply put it is a concentration of plant botanicals or cannabinoids terpenes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals found in the hemp plant in the form of an extract versus the isolation or isolate of just the HEMP cannabinoid in the form of a powder.

When you combine as many of the plant botanicals in an extract versus just isolating HEMP you have what is known as the entourage effect – where these botanicals work together as mother nature intended to provide a wide variety of medicinal properties that Hemp Extract is known for. We prefer the name Hemp Extract versus HEMP as we take advantage of all the botanicals in our formulations.

Choose our Full Spectrum Hemp extract line of products to enhance your active lifestyle- keep you moving, looking and feeling great.

Highlights Of Our System

100% Cannabinoid recovery during the extraction process
Our refining process keeps as many of the hemp plant botanicals in solution to produce a Full
Spectrum Hemp Oil containing the best HEMP, CBG,CBN plus others
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – Base formulation is the base for all of our products

Our Process- The Very Best Hemp Oil Extract

Our process starts with sourcing the very best hemp plants. USA grown hemp is known for containing the most amount of phyto-cannabanoids to plant mass ratio. HEMP is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant; terpenes, flavonoids are also present and are known to cause unique effects such as relaxation.

Our proprietary extraction system sets us apart from our competitors as we are starting with the full range of plant botanicals before post processing, leaving us with a true full spectrum hemp extract.

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